About Lisa Eastman

Lisa paints luminous landscapes that capture the beauty of her surroundings as if observing a scene from a dream. She uses light as a Spiritual metaphor with her work to give the viewer a sense of Peace, Love and Harmony on this Beautiful planet Earth.

Lisa was born in Cleveland, Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. In the first grade, Lisa made a drawing of a fish with crayons and then detailed it with a pencil. Her teacher was so amazed, that she took Lisa to the principal office and every classroom, to show the drawing to everyone. This was Lisa’s first art show. The years that have followed have always included Art.

As a child her family moved from the city to the Chagrin Valley, to a home in the forest. Rivers and waterfalls were within walking distance, a dream come true for a young Artist.

Lisa went on to study at the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art. She has won numerous awards and her works are part of many private and corporate collections.

Artist Statement

My Reverie is painting the Natural Landscape.
Luminous Landscapes of Light and Color Inspire me.
The Majestic Rotation of the Universe
Blessing us with the Grand Sunrise,
Sunset, followed by a Star filled Sky.
The Beauty of a Valley of Emerald Green,
with Rivers of Life, meandering along a
Peaceful Journey towards the Sea.
The calming lull of Water in Rivers, Lakes and Oceans.
The Rainbow mist of a Grand Waterfall.
The Serenity of the Forest and the changing of the Seasons,
Are a most symbolic Metaphor to the Seasons of our Lives.
When I paint…it is a visual Journey to a
Nostalgic place within my Imagination,